2018 Christmas Ornament Reveal

Psst... Want to see my newest Christmas ornament?

It started when I made a Nativity ornament in the Fall of 2008.

My friends and family really liked the ornament, so I made a few for them. Then each year I would come out with a new Christmas ornament...and it has been so much fun. Some of you have even collected them all!  (And yes, ornaments from past years will still be available for purchase this Fall.)

So, I'm revealing my newest ornament to you today!

This ornament is a little different from the others in the collection. I wanted to do something three dimensional, and I honestly felt like I had exhausted my nativity-related options.

I just love the little Christmas Tree Ornaments! Don't you??

STAY TUNED -->> Tomorrow, September 28th I will email you a Discount Code and open up Pre-orders for the Christmas Tree Ornaments. The Discount Code will be good for one week.

Also, I wanted to make sure you knew that I am offering these personalized Angel Handprint ornaments. Aren't they adorable?

If you would like to have a personalized Angel Handprint ornament with your little one's handprint, here's where you can get one done:

October 6th - 10am - 3pm
Sister Shirts in Trussville - https://sister-shirts.com/
Sign up for a 15-min slot here:

October 20th - 8am - Noon (no need to sign up)
Pepper Place Market
2829 2nd Ave. S. Birmingham, Alabama 35233

November 10th - 8am - Noon (no need to sign up)
Pepper Place Market
2829 2nd Ave. S. Birmingham, Alabama 35233

- Michelle


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