Studio Makeover

Having a work space that helps motivate and inspire you is so important to creativity.  

I'm amazed at how much more productive I am in a clean and organized studio.  

But honestly my "studio" in our home had become embarrassing.  I hesitate to even show you pics.  But I'll indulge you if you promise not to judge ;)

My "studio" was pretty much a storage room.  There were all these random things in there...stuff that we didn't have a place for.  Buster's tools, the kids toys, empty boxes...and a lot of things that I just needed to throw away!

So Buster and I worked to make this space more conducive to creativity. 

We cleaned.  We painted.  We organized.  We threw away.  

My hubs also replaced the harsh fluorescent light fixture with a new light fixture.  And he hung a lot of Edison bulbs that look great.

Granted the studio isn't perfect... but definitely an improvement.

But I still had one problem.  A big problem.  The view.

Every time I sat down to work in my studio I was starring across the room at one thing no mom should have to look at while trying to be creative.  


I was staring at this massive pile of clothes that needed to be washed or folded.  And while I was working I would start thinking about all the other things around the house I "should" be doing.

So, Buster to the rescue!  He hung these old doors from the ceiling to block my view of the Laundry area!  Out of site...out of mind.

And it worked!  I now have a defined space to create lovely pottery.

I dream of one day having a brick and mortar studio that isn't inside our home.  But for right now that isn't practical.  

I'm pleased with how the Studio Makeover turned out!

What do think?  What types of places make you feel productive and creative?

- Michelle


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